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Cellglò Crystal Eyes效阔 “ 水晶眼睛 ” 1 box 20 sackets (CellglòCrystalEyes) MYR188.00

Cellglò Crystal Eyes效阔 “ 水晶眼睛 ” 1 box 20 sackets

Product Description:
研究者最近证实利用两种基于植物的组成成分叶黄素跟虾青素,与九种野生浆果这样的组合可对眼睛护理及身体健康产生很大帮助。这样的组成在结果中短时间就起效,非常神奇!我们法国的生化科学家已经发现 Crystal Eyes 这方程可抑制UV蓝光氧化应激对眼睛的伤害,这些伤害包括老年性黃斑部病變 (AMD),视网膜色素上皮细胞老化(RPE),白内障。

这方程还增加皮肤水分 38%,弹性 8%,脸部良心脂肪 33%。不止如此,它还增强皮肤的天然抗氧化防御系统,进而消除各种皮肤问题。除了对于眼睛与皮肤的帮助,它减轻炎症,降低心脏疾病,中风和帮组消化。


“ 今天您不是第一个开始食用叶黄素和虾青素,



Researchers had recently discovered a cutting edge technology in the area of ‘Eye Health and Body Wellness’. By using two (2) main botanical ingredients LUTEIN and ASTAXANTHIN together with nine (9) types of wild berries and natural fruits which recently made their way to the market the new product is found to be far more effective and can produce result in just a matter of days! Our bio-chemist from France discovered that Crystal Eyes formula can inhibit the damaging effects of oxidative UV blue light stress that can eventually lead to eye symptom such as Age Macular Degeneration (AMD), Dryness, Cataracts, Floaters, Glaucoma, Astigmatism, Lazy Eyes (Amblyopia), Shortsightedness (Myopia), Presbyopia , Detached or Torn Retina, Night Blindness and Retina Pigment Epithelium (R.P.E.). Crystal Eyes formula uses these incredible superb quality nutrients which are hard to find in typical eye health products. The product can also improve skin hydration by 38%, elasticity by 8% and super facial lipids by 33%. It may help booster the skin’s natural antioxidant defence system which can eliminate various types of skin problems. Other than eyes and skin it can also help reduce inflammation, lower the risk of heart disease, stroke and other body ailments. The challenging thing is these incredible nutrients are hard to find in typical eye health products. And they must be the superb quality for you to reep the benefits for your eyes and body.
“You are not the first one who enjoys benefits from Lutein & Astaxanthin

and it has been consumed by many more billions of people

including pilots across the world”

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Cellglò Crystal Eyes效阔 “ 水晶眼睛 ” 1 box 20 sackets
Cellglò Crystal Eyes效阔 “ 水晶眼睛 ” 1 box 20 sackets