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Cellglò Crème 21 效阔 (Crème 21) MYR186.00

Cellglò Crème 21 效阔

Product Description:
Using Wild Dioscorea Villosa (Wild Yam) and Wild Glycine Soja (Soy Bean) Phyto-Placenta as our two (2) major ingredients and six (6) others important ingredients, we promise to deliver reverse aging and cell-activation hormone balancing series to all our customers. By nourishment wellness through the skin using 90 seconds TRANSDERMAL ABSORPTION and it works in complete harmony with Mother Nature.
“Is so natural and safe that we can guarantee it !!”

利用野生毛麦薯蓣(山药根)和野生大豆(植物胎盘)作为我们的两(2)主要成分还有另外六(6)其他重要的成分,我们承诺提供逆转衰老化和活化细胞,平衡荷尔蒙系列我们身体所有的系统。透过 皮肤吸收到营养健康 ,和它的作品在完全的和谐与大自然的地球。

“我们可以保证你它是那么的天然 !!”

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Cellglò Crème 21 效阔
Cellglò Crème 21 效阔
Cellglò Crème 21 效阔