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掌控记忆Memory Control (z34) MYR12.00

掌控记忆Memory Control

Product Description:
Control memory will effectively provide: the latest learning and memory experiments evidence that the human brain has amazing accuracy; rules and techniques of memory, not only helps you to improve memory and exercise all your senses; important memory- basic memory (the Major system); SEM3 (self-enhanced memory matrix), learning and memory you want to remember knowledge system.
Control memory will prove to you: your memory is much better than you can imagine! After the advent of SEM3, more and more companies or organizations started to pay attention to it, they continue to network or other form of promotion and development of the concept of SEM3 to help people make better use of SEM3 embark on a magical memories dream trip. This book will enable you found in a variety of basic knowledge of the structure of the process of training your memory system and memory, you can not only make their own "memory muscles" become more powerful, but also enhance their attention and creativity.

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掌控记忆Memory Control