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365英语口语大全 (z3) MYR30.00


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Oral workplace articles
The chapter1 social terms
Thanks answer thank
Apologize apology and answers
Other Politeness
Day-to-day greetings
Basic greetings
Day-to-day farewell
Evening farewell
Before leaving farewell
Response farewell
Meet Introduction
Asked the name and identity
Introduce yourself
Introducing others
Response to introduction
Accept the invitation
Reject an invitation
Change the invitation
CHAPTER2 Interview Q & A
Interview advice
Idle job consulting
Candidates qualified advice
Details of the work consultation
Interview Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
Puzzle Answers
Salary packages
Work expectations
CHAPTER3 interview combat
Personal circumstances
Ability to introduce
Character introduction
Personal preferences
Educational Background
Foreign language proficiency
Computer proficiency
Work experience
Resignation and Reasons for Application
Mock interviews
Candidate for a director
Assistant job
Secretary of the candidates
Candidates sales staff
To apply for foreign trade personnel
CHAPTER4 entering the workplace
To report for duty
First day at work
Meet new colleagues
Workplace self-introduction
Know colleagues
Colleagues help
Chapter5 in the workplace
In the office
Working dialogue
Modern office
Attendance and leave
Late and leave early
Ask for leave
Pay rise
Ask for a raise
Contacts among colleagues
Relationship between colleagues
Request to visit colleagues
Invite colleagues
Colleagues family get-together
Emotions at work
Aversion to work
Love of work
Chapter6 medical staff English
General window services
Registration office
The fees designated price at
Common hospital outpatient services
Fever clinics
Medical clinic
Outpatient surgery
ENT outpatient
Dental clinic
Eye clinic
Orthopedic clinic
Chinese medicine out-patient
Inpatient services
Discharged Services
The Chapter7 Police English
Traffic police English
Road law enforcement
Accident investigation
Interpol English
Apprehending suspects
Survey trial
Police English
To investigate the identity of foreigners
Daily oral papers
Oral Communication articles
Oral abroad articles
Trading spoken articles

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